Can an old farm from 1850 be sustainable? It is not easy but at Birkelund we continually work to protect the environement and nature as well as further the development of our employees and the local area.

  • Birkelund is heated using an air-to-water heat convector.
  • In order to minimize waste, we offer containers for recycling of glass, plastic, paper & cardboard, metal og bio-waste.
  • The grounds and meadows of Birkelund are maintained without the use of pesticides. Our two cows contribute to the preservation of the natural environement by conservation grazing on more than 8 hectares of land.
  • The forest is kept as natural as possible, leaving fallen trees and damp areas as shelter and nourishment for animals and plants.
  • We collaborate with local suppliers who ensure maintenance of the buildings, cleaning of the holiday apartments and wash of linnen.
  • Together with our local host we create a trusting and developing work environment at Birkelund.

We hope you our guest will help us on our path to a more sustainable World.